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When I learned that I needed cataract surgery, I really had not considered anyone but Dr. Garrett; I had known him for quite a few years and trusted him completely. His staff has always been very friendly. I had my first cataract surgery in October 2009, and my second cataract surgery in May 2011. I chose the Crystalens premium lens implant and the change (in my vision) has been unbelievable. My husband and I like to travel and ride our Harley Davidson motorcycle, and the surgery has helped my night vision immensely.”

Lynn Theeck



I’ve been seeing Dr. Garrett since he first opened his office. He performed the original LASIK procedure on me in the 1990’s and a LASIK enhancement in the 2000’s. Now I have gone through cataract surgery with the Crystalens implants. I have trusted him with my vision for the past 25 years.

I consider Dr. Garrett a friend as much as I do a physician. As a patient, I can relate to the office personnel, and as a nurse, I try to take care of my patients as well as I am taken care of when I am at the Garrett Eye. I really think every nurse should have a procedure of some type performed every few years to remember what it is like to be a patient. It’s really important to know what it’s like to relinquish your trust in another physician’s abilities.

Richard Ledgend



Mark Peters(1)

Several years ago, my cataract surgery was performed by Dr. Garrett, and I and was very happy with the results. My eyesight is better now than it was most of my adult life. I was impressed with how Dr. Garrett explained my options with me, prior to deciding what lens to have implanted. This made my decision a lot easier. His staff was also very helpful, knowledgeable and caring, which made the whole experience as smooth as possible. I would recommend Dr. Garrett to anyone requiring eye surgery. I know other people who have gone to eye clinics in larger cities and have not have the excellent results that I have experienced.

Mark Peters


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